Quality Assurance

All of our products are crafted with care and are verified by various governing bodies within New Zealand. Healthwin was established with the intention of providing the world with trustworthy products due to our company’s high quality standards. Implementing verification and validation throughout every step of production while keeping the records of every internal and external test, we commit to sending out the highest quality products possible in the industry.We are proud to display the industry standards and certifications and have listed the logos, certifications we use.

Where are Healthwin products made?

All Healthwin products are proudly made in New Zealand. Nutrizone Limited is the sole manufacturer for Healthwin.Nutrizone, an environmentally-friendly New Zealand-based company, continues to provide high quality products that meet stringent standards of New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

Where does Healthwin source its raw ingredients?

Healthwin uses natural materials produced in the clean environment of New Zealandand as well as strictly approved materials sourced from other countries to deliver products tailored to your needs.

What standards are you following to make the food supplements?

We continue to provide high quality products that meet stringent standards of New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).All of our products are crafted with care under the MPI rules and standards for Risk Management Programme (RMP) and Food Control Plan (FCP). Our RMP and FCP are on the base of HACCP, which are approved and audited by MPI.

What is DRCaps?

What are the advantages?

DRCaps capsule was developed to effectively address the various challeges and shortcomings of delivering acid-sensitive ingredients,It's made of plant -based hydroxyproplyl methlcellulose(HPMC).

DRCaps Capsule Advantages

          - Acid resistance protects nutritional ingredients without the need for film coatings.

          - Plant-based,vegetarian capsule designed to release when you need it.

          - Enhanced stability for moisture sensitive and hydroscopic ingredients.

          - Taste and odor masking of herbal or mineral ingredients which can increase digestive comfort.

What kinds of testing do you perform?

We test the raw materials, finish products and production environment in accordance with RMP and FCP regulations. We take food safety and quality control seriously.

Do you actually manufacture?

or just pack the bottle

We are a manufacturer. This may sound like a silly question but we get this question all the time. The worst thing is if you are buying from a “manufacturer” that does not manufacture their own products; he may not know exactly what’s in the supplements. Supplement manufacturers often don’t disclose accurate information about ingredients and will even substitute “similar” ingredients into the mix if they run out of a particular raw material – without telling anyone! There is no telling what is in the supplements! This is important to be aware of if pure supplements are important to you.

Will you try as hard as possible to avoid unnecessary excipients and lubricants?

Here is a list of additives you may want to be without. Whatever your opinion is on this issue, Customers don’t want ingredients they don’t know or recognize, such as magnesium stearate, titanium / silicon dioxide, cellulose, silica, stearic acid, colors, methyl paraben, propyl paraben and so forth. Rather have them change the formulation and use only flow agents that are less controversial such as organic rice flour. The avoidance of hard to understand and possibly toxic manufacturing agents is a definite trend that has taken years to form and will not go away.

Do you Clean with Toxic Chemicals?

No, definitely not.  We use food grade cleaning chemicals and compounds approved by  New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

Is Magnesium Stearate Safe to Use?

Despite the overwhelmingly negative reputation magnesium stearate and stearic acid have earned themselves, we’ve found that there’s an incredible amount of data out there suggesting that some of the more popular inflammatory claims may be less than credible. Now, the decision is yours to make.

Why use plant based Magnesium Stearate?

Plant based Magnesium Stearate is made of stearic acid derived from vegetable source such as vegetable oil. Normal Magnesium Stearate is made of fatty acid derived from animal source. We use plant based Magnesium Sterate as excipient in all Healthwin products to enhance the quality of formation, while at the mean time to bring you vegetarian level supplements.